Saturday's Game Feels Big for Oklahoma State's Bowl Streak

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OSU’s 17-year bowl streak is the sixth-longest in the country.

The title of this article is just a sad indictment of the current state of OSU football.

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The bowl streak needs to die this season. What has it accomplished in terms of elevating our status as a program as it stands? The bowl streak has not led to more conference titles. Has not given us more NY6 bowl wins. Has not improved recruiting. None of those things. Has it massively improved NIL? Has it enabled us to kill it in the transfer portal? No to both things. How has it benefitted us in any way, shape or form? It’s basically the only thing Gundy and his supporters can hang their hat on at this point.

It does give the boys another month of football…
Bowl week is a fun experience. It’s better than being done for the year.

I agree with you, we need something else to hang our cowboy hats on for sure.

Maybe that extra month should be spent in discussions on how to massively overhaul the program instead of prepping for a lower tier bowl game.

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It’s game #4 of the season? The absurdity of this article, but Marshall does have his Sour Patch audience to feed.

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