Schedule Preview: Oklahoma State Hosts the Reigning Big 12 Champs, Kansas State in Week 6

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The Cowboys suffered a historic shutout to the Wildcats last year.

I don’t like our early bye, but I feel our only chance to beat KSU is to be fully rested with a complete game plan. This bye week, might be our only saving grace.


Were at home

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They lost a really good punter turn kicker.
Well im i for everyone saying chris can reload.
That offense will be help by their old line. Or could be crippled. 2 years ago sanders picked apart a poor secondary of ksu.
Will howard will not have 3 big targets. No deuce where will Howard outlet be.
They lost not just seniors but play makers.

Will the special team faulter. No kick or kick returner

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If I remember right that punt returner killed us last along with Deuce …… the new defense, I’m hoping it is the one we need

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Knowles ran a kick off against us in 2021 i believe

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