With this close almost full, it makes you wonder how we can make a full class next year.

I counted around 30 left the program last year. Not all of those were on scholarship. Next year it’s going to be titer. We have only 9 super seniors, with just 7 on scholarship.
I assume with 1 more scholarship out that’s 85. Where do we get these scholarship. With all seniors and red shirt seniors able to come back.

Have to lose alot from the defense if they go to the nfl.
Offense is young. Only 2 have to go. Sanders could go. If the 2 running backs have break out years. Various lineman. But seriously not many.

The defense could have goes go. Last and Ford the cb.

Alot of guys cry about losing guys to the portal, but we had to have them go to get guys. If we’re at 84 that means we will have to lose guys some how just to get freshmen.
It’s usually redshirt jr that leave that haven’t started.

I think we can probably expect 5-10 guys a year leaving via the portal from now on. It just looks like that is going to be the way for most teams moving forward. Some will be guys we are gently nudging out the door to make room and some will be guys we would rather keep but they will go anyway. Betting we will be able to take close to a full class each year due to this.

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Yes that’s what I’m saying my thing is have they started nudging.
But, yea once a kid get to a red shirt jr year he has a clear picture of playing.

The other thing is the extra year deal could cause trouble. You want balance from hs to transfer. To make a 20 plus class size.

I was also wonder if Williams would come back. Last I’ve seen he still hasn’t found a new home. He has played and started. With only 2 season left wouldnt bind the younger guys. Rite now on the line we have a ton of guys with 2 to 3 years left.