Sean Gleeson a 'Strong Candidate' for Rutgers' Vacant OC Position

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Could Gleeson be going back to New Jersey?

wait, Dunn is being retained by OSU? This seems like bigger news than just a casual mention at the end of an article not even about him. Or did I miss another article that touched on this already?

If he goes I want try steal Graham Harrell away from USC,or bring Monken back. That is if Gundy let’s them call plays

Harrell was extended by USC as he was a top target at UT for the job Yurchich took as UT’s third option. The other candidate took the PSU job and that opened the door for MY.

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My guess is maybe Gleeson is going…Dunn is staying and being promoted to OC this time around. Wants to keep Dunn around. Just a guess though…

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I’m not sure Gundy needs Gleeson or Dunn! Pay him 7 million a year and he can handle it like special teams.

I don’t know what Gleeson brought to the table this season. It was hard to tell if he was using his own schemes or if he was just following what Gundy advised. So really hard to evaluate him. That is why I would not mind seeing Kasey Dunn moving into OC. I doubt Monktan would want to team up with Gundy again. But if did want to return that would be the best option. Regardless, I don’t see losing Gleeson as a bad thing at all. He might even have felt that he made too big of a leap coming to the Big 12 and he was better off being a big fish in a small pond.

Please let this be true. After all the pre-season build up about his offensive creativity, etc., etc., that was about as underwhelming a job as OC as I could possibly envision. Absolutely no creativity or imagination at all. Unless handing it to Chuba 40 times a game and throwing down the right sideline the rest of the time counts.