Selection Sunday: Oklahoma State First Team Out of NCAA Tournament

I personally am a Boynton fan and am rooting for him to succeed. He’s simply gotten some lousy breaks. Every coach has some, but it seems he gets more than his share, and the breaks are each worse than those faced by most. The ncaa really seems to have it out for us.

I agree that Boynton is not the best coach out there, but he’s far from the worst and he’s an improvement over Ford. His weaknesses are developing consistency in fundamentals like free throw shooting and ball security, but his defenses are really good and his ball motion offense can be really good. His recruiting is the best we’ve ever had. He’s a staunch advocate of OSU and you can tell he loves his school.

I’d like to see him coach at OSU for a long time. And I do think we will be in the tourney with some consistency.

I can’t disagree with your list here. Not sure how much of these things are coaching and how much are player issues. But he does teach good defense and hopefully we can fix the issues on offense to get things more consistent.

I have no idea what you call improvement.
Ciccy hasnt changed his stats for 3 years. If one stat is a lil better its because he has more playing time.

You have to be the only guys to say ice. Nothing had improved over 4 years. His last was his worst.

You could say boone but boynton has issue with boone.
When you go by minutes played the numbers are closer the you think. I know if boone had 30 minutes his numbers would be better. But. If your couch doesnt play you, then you havent improved.

Go look at are 3 seniors with crime dog. They stay the same or got less. Dagz was shooting 40% and played less. 2 of these guys went pro.
When boynton realizes you got score more then you opponents is the day he will win.

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I’m pulling for Boynton, he’s a great ambassador for our school, he shows up to most sports events we have. You can’t deny that
But somehow he has to get a system in place for scoring, defense is usually good. No improvement from the ones that come in. BT is a 5 star ?? Wow don’t understand that , he can’t handle the ball, has streaks of shooting well then goes 0 fer… 50% FT shooting is abysmal. Maybe have them shoot FT until they can make them. Turnovers are street ball. Maybe start being the coach before being the best friend ……:cowboy_hat_face:


I really like Boynton. I think he is a great ambassador for our school and program. Yea he and the Cowboys have been a little snake bit. We gave him the job knowing a learning curve in coaching would need to happen. I think he needs to have one more year. This training on the job worked for Drew and Baylor but we have kind of reached the end of the line. Making the NCAA tournament every year should be a given!


Ford could bring in talented players and at least make the tournament. About the only thing I’ve seen Boynton do better than Ford is preach defense to his team.

Ford only won 1 game. It ain’t a whole lot different to be quite honest. Boynton’s staff needs an overhaul if he wants to keep his job. He’s got to get an “offensive coordinator” on staff. He’s pretty safe this next year and potentially even the one after depending on his buyout. The silver lining in my opinion is that this mess is fixable. Whether or not Boynton fixes it remains to be seen. His defenses indicate to me that he can get his guys to play just as hard as anyone else in the conference.

They can play hard all they want, but Boynton still needs to win and his players still lack discipline and fundamentals (except a select couple). For example, like not taking the non-conference schedule seriously. Not shooting three point shots all the time when you’re ranked 304th in the country at them. Not blowing large leads, and not being an awful free throw shooting team. Maybe institute some kind of offensive sets that compliment the skills of the players you have? It’s the little things that add up when it comes to basketball. Those little things were shown to be the difference of an 18-15 record or 21-12 record as a result from this season.

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