Several AP Voters Have OSU Ranked Inside Top 10, One Inside Top Five

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OSU has some big believers in Big 12 circles and beyond.

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Can’t believe it took them six games to finally put UTSA in the top 25.

The guy that has Alabama down to 9 is nuts.
I would not rank OK State higher than 12 until I watched the Texas game. Now if only we had all our key injured players back and healthy, then I would believe we are a legit number 12 at this point. I don’t think we have a good enough QB to be a top 10 team. The insufficient protection that he has to deal with is also a game killer. An inconsistent passer along with a line that cannot offer enough protection is not a winning formula against good teams.

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Seems very pollyannish to me. Our defense is amazing, but our offense (sans Warren) likely wouldn’t be in the top 50. Go Pokes, but for two years now our offense has had zero consistency.

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Some people have us playing Bama in the Sugar Bowl. If the last nine seasons has taught me anything so far it’s that they have a 78% chance of being wrong considering we’ve finished lower than we’re projected seven of the last nine seasons.

I am sure that I don’t have the courage to watch us play Alabama. I am not fond of nightmares.

That was one voter and he has us as 5.

I still can’t figure out do we have a good defense or not.

Well K State put up 24 on OU and Texas put up 48 on OU. Baylor put up 45 on WV, but WV looks like they aren’t very good. I would say we look pretty solid so far. I think Texas will be the best offensive team we’ve played so far.

I think definitely, this week will tell a lot. If we can win we will have a real shot at playing in the big 12 title game. If not we’ll need help.


The guessing about our defense ends on Saturday. We will all know for sure how good the defense is. But we have to also have good offense to win.

Each week is different. This is a young offence. If we can hold together for 40 minutes.
Texas has shown they can score. It down to do u believe ou and tech have any kind of defense.

I think OU is good up front defensively. They were able to stop and contain Robinson in the second half of the RRR game. I don’t think their secondary is any good though.

Sure I agree. But with out a guy like perkins their front is not better. We had a lot of hype about their defense.
Trading cb with Tennessee didn’t seem to help

They have a defensive lineman that probably going to be a 1st or early 2nd round draft pick on the defensive line, and the same scenario with Bonito. How many do we have?

U where telling me the same last year when did perkins go