Several Changes Made In OSU Football Depth Chart Ahead of K-State Game

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A few skill positions are in flux because of injuries.

For u guys who r infatuated with cowboy back, last year we threw to them. So their is hope for u guys.

How is Rucker still on the team?

I keep asking that but no body ever found out.

He must have just got off the treadmill.

Joe15 would have foreseen this and taken 5 receivers, a safety and another running back
off if the Portal.


Ur forgot the 10 linemen

Need to make a change at QB,I would even go with Bullock or Gunner at this point both seem like they can pass better then SS!

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Need to start from the top.

U want to fire the president already.

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What, 10 passes total? See our former CWB going off at Virginia or are you still blind? :sob: :sob: :sob:

You must need glasses. Bullock is TURRIBLE and Gunner? Is that you, Mike? The wrestling team still wonders why you’re crazy for trying to start a fight when your softball intramural team was getting its behind handed to them, LOL!

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And you don’t after the Afghanistan fiasco? That speaks volumes about you!

Most of this is down to Sanders. There were playes the cowboy back was open. They had to design plays against ksu so Sanders would the to them.
I dnt think mason or tge others need to be told to hit the open guy.

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School president silly. They side the need to start firing at the top.