Signing Day Surprise: Beamon Reclassifies, Joins 2021 Class

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Big news for OSU’s secondary.

Well we were ranked 11 in 22 class lmao

Your brown nosing is clouding your vision.

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Sorry I meant we were ranked 11.

Can we start recruiting players that can make an impact in some capacity once they arrrive to campus? That way we have some decent depth and our coach isn’t allowed to use additional excuses for losing to average teams to go along with the many excuses he already has?

Good morning to u sunshine.
It’s always good to hear debbie downer anytime.
Sorry ur said we signed him.

How do you reclassify? Is he just graduating a year ahead of schedule? I guess I don’t understand how you graduate high school in 3 years, and make this decision half way through your junior year?

Just another gundy class.

Nothing to see here keep walking

Saben and Riley have those alumni wallets supporting them behind the scenes… Instead of sitting on here talking about firing Gundy let’s all of us get out there and get some 4 and 5 star talent landed at OSU… SUPPORT YOU COACH PAY TO PLAY

Web supported him for long enough to see the arrow is pointed down. I will let you fight the good fight from here on out.

Pay the players not the coach use your wallet not your mouth

That will widen the gap more between the blue bloods and non blue bloods #osu. I would like to see the players get paid but it’s so bad for collage sports. What they should do is make a minor league instead of paying students because if you really want to know the truth, university’s are for getting a education not to get to the NFL.

They are getting paid WAKE UP