Social Media Goes Wild After OSU Completes Comeback vs. Texas

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OSU Twitter went wild.

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Jim knowels🤷‍♂️ Give the man the keys to the city!!!

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Along with a dump truck full of cash.

It would be nice if this season results in turning the heads of some big time recruits for defense who previously had not considered OSU as landing spot.
After years and years of mostly seeing ineffective Cowboy defenses it is quite a treat to see great defense the past few years. But also just as strange to see an anemic Cowboy offense.
Arch Manning, screw the SEC and come on down to Stillwater.

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Arch would be dumb to go to the dumpster fire down in Austin.

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Let’s call a duck a duck, Jaylen Warren is one of the best RBs in the country…PERIOD! And it’s about time he gets some acknowledgement. Dudes were talking about how Bijan had a great game, and he did, but Warren had the better game!!!

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Who said he was even considering it. I think it’s either Ole Miss or Ole Miss. I can’t see him going to Bama.

I think that was his second Texas game he’s been to.

I was really surprised the whole family didn’t go to the tenn- ole miss game.
Maybe he wanted to look at us.
He did have a ruff nite in hs game.

We got a couple of nice d line guys that need to say yes. Only having I think 18 recruit spots available hurts.

I suppose they were hyping Bijan because Texas has quite a following and a lot of people want to see Texas return to being a powerhouse program. But he is a great runner and the announcers seemed to assume with Bijan that Texas was sure to win the game so they put their attention of the RB. They sure changed their focus and accolades during the fourth quarter. If Bijan is only a freshman I can’t imagine what he will be like next season. But for OSU it doesn’t seem like we have a RB who can replace Warren for next season. No one in the stable is at his level of talent and strength. That could result in Sanders having to pass more. How frightening would that be?

I thought warren had more eligibility.

No. But Dominic will be fine plus the Ollie kid is good. Plus he is a quarterback just think having two guys passing back there. Gunnar will be qb by next year.
Plus there is presley and the Beggs kid. I m not sure in Nixon is going to make It