Social Media Goes Wild After OSU Stuns Baylor in Big 12 Tournament

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Pokes twitter was loving it.

Sam Meyers didn’t say his saying rite but he has a big ess

Mediocrity is dead in Stillwater.
This basketball success is the best sendoff for coach Mike Holder.
Brad Underwood was all about himself. Mike Boynton is all about his players and OSU.
Hopefully this run of the past few weeks can parlay into some over the top recruiting.
How ya like your decision now Yor Anei? Kalib Boone loves your decision.


Holder gets the last laugh. Holder hired Ford, Littell, Underwood, and Boynton. All 4 will have taken oSu to the tournament. Four good hires (2 great) and yet for too many fans IMO he will be known for one bad contract. Littell just won the Big 12 Coach of the Year on the women’s side.


He has more good hires then just bb

Those types of fans are to be considered lacking in the facts of Holder’s accomplishments and therefore their opinion doesn’t mean squat to a knowledgeable fan. It just shows their ignorance.
As I recall, Ford just was a magnet for a lot of bad luck coming his way. He was also a bad hire. I thought Underwood was a fantastic hire considering what he did at Stephen Austin. In accounting terms, the balance sheet is way in the black for Holder. He is a legend in more ways than one. I hope the school does something really big for him before he leaves. When I started OSU in the same class as Mike Holder there was very little to be proud of when it came to OSU teams. Football was really bad. Basketball was also bad during the final years of Hank Iba who took the blame because he preferred to go fishing when the season ended rather than go recruiting. Baseball was good but very few fans came out to watch the games behind Bennet Hall. Golf was good but no one cared. Wrestling was still king and actually the only sport that shined. The big men on campus were the wrestlers, not football or basketball players. Holder took the athletic department from mediocre to power five. Baseball program was fading under Frank Anderson so Holder gave him the boot. Golf team did not qualify for the NCAA tournament for the first time ever so that head coach got the boot. Track team could not even field a real team. The track team consisted of guys who ran cross country because of no decent budget to field a complete track and field team. In recent years Holder found some money and now we have entries in other than just the long distant events. The accomplishments from Holder go on and on and certainly outweigh his blunder with the extension of Ford’s contract. And when Underwood bolted like he did, not showing up for a meeting with Holder, there was no way Holder could have made a new offer after the first offer that Underwood had turned down. But people blame Holder anyway for Underwood leaving.

Is Bryce Williams okay?

Was sick all i know but not hurt

But yet he couldn’t get a statue built for our only Heisman Trophy winner and two football hall of famers? He did a good job but glad he is gone and we don’t have to be a golf school anymore. Brighter days ahead of us and can’t wait!!