Social Media Reacts as NCAA Upholds Postseason Ban for OSU Hoops

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Everyone sided with OSU on this one.

New low…even for the ncaa…

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Why does it always have to come to Oklahoma State athletics being the cattle bell for chit to change?

First it was pretty much the 2011 football season debacle that helped justify a four team playoff.

Now it’s the post season basketball ban teaching other universities across the country that you should never cooperate with the NCAA because their infractions are not clear or fair given the type of violation.

I always had thought in this case that the NCAA was going after us because we made them look bad not that many years ago when the Sports Illustrated article came out accusing football players of accepting money from boosters.
There was an investigation and there was no proof of wrong doing. So I thought this new case would be used as payback because the NCAA probably thought we were actually guilty of the Sport Illustrated accusations and they were upset that they could not find any proof. Since then they have been waiting to find something wrong with OSU and they then pounced. In addition to that, the NCAA had stated that they were fed up with all of the cheating going on in college basketball so they were now going to clean up college basketball and they were looking for a way to set an example and then those five schools created the opportunity to spring into action. OSU should not take legal action until all the rest of the named schools have received a decision by the NCAA. Then start a law suit based on the other schools doing similar infractions but not getting the same level of punishment.

They’ve already got an example in South Carolina. Literally the same guy doing the same things there before he came here. The corruption is as blatant as it comes. I really hope the university is preparing for a battle.


Then it’s time for an attorney to saddle up and ride into town to take on the clowns. He or she will need to use all of their bullets.


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I think they should have done it immediately.

From what I read in between the lines listening to Chad speak was that OSU is open to hearing any options for pursuing this case but in the past when an appeal has been rejected, the schools that have then taken legal action got nowhere and merely wasted their resources. Mike Holder was clear about when he first announced that there would be an appeal. He said you have one shot at this, and if the appeal is overturned there is nothing else that can be done. I think Mike Boynton is a great motivator because of how sincere he is, therefore he will find some way to keep these kids motivated for an entire season when nothing is at stake other than playing for pride and showcasing your talents for those wanting to try for the NBA. It would look even worse for the NCAA if the Cowboys have a super successful season.

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