Social Reaction: OSU Finds Its Offense, While OU's Struggles

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The Pokes’ offense came back to life (for a half) and OU’s didn’t.

Not only should preseason polls should be abolished but the AP and Coach’s Poll should be done away with since they really don’t matter anymore.


And the biggest thing I hate about the poll is that it artificially sets up teams for success even before the 1st game is played. Teams ranked highly have to really suck bad before the pollsters start moving them down. And a blue-blood team rarely gets moved down to where it actually deserves.

Meanwhile, how about Iowa State? Yikes, don’t look know, but OSU, OU, and Baylor have somehow found themselves in a race for 1st place in the conference!

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Can the gal featured in the photo accompanying this story be the Orange Power VIP in the not-too-distant future? Please?