Sources: Dru Brown Expected to Start at QB for OSU vs. WVU Despite Practice Injury

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How OSU will handle its QB situation leading into Saturday.

So, Costello’s not in the top 4 on the depth chart? Illingworth coming next season as a Gleeson recruit. Where does Costello transfer to?

Article said that Brown was the only quarterback to take snaps this year besides Sanders. Didn’t Taylor get a little work against McNeese or someone early in the year?

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It’s gonna be great when brown beats OU and everyone says Gundy played the wrong quarterback all season! Let’s hope chuba runs for 250 this week

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It makes “”zero sense” to not have the backup not be the guy they think gives them the best chance to win should Dru go down. We cat make the assumption that Costello will be the backup next year with Illingworth coming in. Why would you want your backup be a guy that the coaches have in 5th behind 2 walkons?

He was 4/4 for 21 yards in the McNeese State game.