Spencer Sanders Gets His First Real Shot at Bedlam; What Will He Do With It?

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No. 3 could forge his OSU legacy on Saturday night.

“It’s a defense-first, run-you-over and run-out-the-clock team squad that clinched a spot in the Big 12 title game. Oklahoma State’s identity has changed.”

I actually mentioned this years ago. I always wondered why in the hell we thought we could just be a super fast offense and try beat OU by trading scores?

K State has proven four times since 2012 that you don’t need a high octane offense to beat OU. You just need to take care of the football, play solid defense, and special teams. Bill Snyder had been doing this for years.

Seemed to me that in 2019 and 2020 Gundy and this offense struggled to figure out what kind of offensive identity they wanted. We also recruit better than K State does as well.

I don’t mind that being our identity. All I’ll say is if that’s what our identity is going to be then we’ll need a mobile QB as well. I’d hate to see Shane out there getting pummeled to death because of our offensive line.

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Lol rite Joey
U have not said this crap. U have been crying to open up the playbook.
U kill me.

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You gotta open up the playbook some when your on the verge of losing the game. Why make it closer than it needs to be?

Just look at ur 2 post. They contradict each other.
Offence generally do not have gears. U just dnt push in the clutch and presto. Or visa versa.
I know u will come back with the one time ur uncle was able to comeback from almost getting thumb pinned to pin the other guys thumb in 1 second.

Joey u do just anything.
What I dnt understand why ur not post on the basketball post giving us ways to improve the team.

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Because there isn’t a bunch to improve on really. The basketball team is 5-1 right now. I think they’ll be fine. Besides a hiccup to Oakland they’ve looked decent.

See Joey we are talking about games played not who the team is.
I’m using osu as an example.

But if u think we’re fine because we scored 96 ok

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