Spencer Sanders in Walking Boot, Status to be Evaluated Wednesday

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QB1’s status for the Big 12 opener is potentially in jeopardy.

Shane is the man, end of story!

No chance Spencer playing on Saturday. Gundy has a thing where if you don’t practice on Tuesday, you don’t play on Saturday (at least not start). Anyway, they will prepare Shane and he will play (cant wait to see a full game of the guy).

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I don’t get what’s going on here. Either people are saying it’s a high ankle sprain and it’s not, or it is a high ankle sprain and people don’t know what that really means. If it’s a high ankle sprain Sanders will be out 4-6 weeks. I’m not a doctor but I know high sprains are much worse than low sprains.

If that’s true, I’m pretty sure he’d compromise at the qb position.

You can play with a high ankle sprain. May have to sit it a week though. It really affects your ability to make cuts so he won’t be running crazy much for several weeks but can play as a pocket passer with that injury

Might we have a QB controversy if Illingworth kills? I mean, if he does, is he really going to happily sit behind the current Sophomore Sanders for 3 years? I see trouble.

I’m just not buying this. Something isn’t adding up. Either sanders did suffer a high ankle sprain and Gundy is blowing a nuclear bomb-sized pile of smoke up everyone’s butt, or he didn’t suffer a high ankle sprain. You won’t convince me that a high ankle sprain can be healed and played on in 3 days. That being said, if Sanders does have a high ankle sprain (there’s a 0.000% chance he plays if he does) and Gundy starts Bullock over Shane, I’m turning the game off.

If he sits this week (he will) they better sit him next week to be safe. It would be idiotic to rush him back to play vs Kansas, who ironically is who he got hurt against last year. Unless the QBs go a combined 0-30 Saturday or something, I don’t see sanders playing for at least a few games.