Spencer Sanders Talks Mistakes, Texas Loss

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Sanders says if you want to point fingers, point them at him.

“If you wanna point the finger at anybody, you can point it at me”

Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure everyone that watched the game already has. I think it goes something like this:

10% Gundy’s fault

30% Special Team’s fault

60% Spencer Sanders fault

A little ridiculous that Special Teams gave up a 100 yard touchdown return and got a roughing the passer penalty on 4th and 22 which those resulted in 13 points.

I just hope this 4 star recruit final knows he is not in high school any more. He got a good well coach team. He does have to make a play ever play. Yes kick returns lose games ou knows about that. Hill shown them.im real suprises u only blamed Gundy for 10%, I’m he did dress them and feed them. Joe’s a good ou troll

I think Gundy needs to have a consult with is new QB coach and then the QB coach needs to consult with S.S. about the fundamentals of handling a pigskin.
And speaking of fundamentals, who the heck coaches special teams? They played like they have no coach of their own.

Should voluntarily switch to WR,& groom Shane


There isn’t a special teams coach. Again proving Gundy is a moron.

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Gundy hires consultants but won’t spend the bucks to hire a special teams coach. That cost him the win vs. Texas. Now I am more inclined to partially blame Gundy for the loss.

Like I said. I’m not afraid to admit when Gundy is wrong or right. Almost none of the results from this game are on him.

Offense outgained Texas 530-277

Offensive turned it over 4 times

Defense basically gave up 15 points in 15 drives

Special teams make to huge mistakes

About the only things I can say fall on him is making sure his players are disciplined with the football and he probably should of pulled Sanders after the second turnover. Other than that, most of it was self inflicted wounds by the poor execution on the player’s part.


If I’m Gundy this week in practice:

I don’t even study film on K State or mess with anything else. I strictly practice ball security all practice throughout the entire week.

Did u watch the same game I watch. Sanders blew that game. Ur 4 star recruit lost it not a bunch of walkons.

Moron yea rite. 3 turnovers, cant hand a ball off, lost the game. Not everybody can cover 100% time for one player. This is football some miscues happen. It’s when the same player keeps doing the same bad play over and over.

I don’t get what you’re arguing with me about. Sanders sucks and takes most the blame. Gundy is still a moron for not having a special teams coach.

QB will always bear the brunt of the blame in a loss, and no doubt that Spencer played a role in it. Spencer also scored a ton of points and played lights out.

And, contrary to Spencer’s statement, not everybody else played well. Brown’s fumble was huge with OSU in UT territory and looking to add to their lead. Special teams had two huge miscues that directly contributed to the loss. Kick return for a touchdown, ouch. But the decision to attempt to block the punt with approx. 5 minutes left on the clock and a 5 point lead? That was an incredibly bone-headed coaching decision. If you don’t get that penalty, all OSU had to do was get a couple of first downs and they win the game. Or at worst, punt it and force UT’s offense to march down the field and score.

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They do have a special teams “analyst”, M.K. Taylor. Who’s actually done a decent job, special teams had been good this year until last Saturday.

Spencer is one of the leaders on this team and taking the blame for a loss is what leaders have to do. He’s done it time and again any time he’s played less than stellar football.

Spencer is our future. His ceiling is ridiculously high. Up to the coaches to get him there.

The coaches can’t get him there. Sanders has more experience than Rattler, yet Rattler is progressing and Sanders is not, at least at a rate to compete with Rattler.