Spencer Sanders to Take Part in OSU Football Senior Day on Saturday

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It sure seems like QB1 will play his last home game at OSU on Saturday.

Yep not good news regarding next year given the current QB room

Unless Rangel can get the ball out in a second or develops Caleb Williams levels of elusiveness it’s going to be rough behind that Oline.

Whether he’s turning pro or hitting the portal, i wish him well.
Without some major changes, we’ll be 6-6 at best next year.

If he portals out I wonder if it’s because he was ran off. I seen him yelling at some of the staff on the sideline vs OU. Barry Trammel or someone close to the program said something about it on a radio show. If he did just about any D1 college needing a experienced QB with athletic ability would take him. I bet he waits to see his draft report and sees what’s available before he chooses. My heart says stay to give Rangel more time to learn but my brain says he’s gone.

I would totally support one more year with Spencer. Come on back my man and let’s try to get you some protection. The defense should mature next year. We have receivers. We need OL and running back to help you. You look like you are having fun. Dirty jerseys are part of that.

We got a delay of game. He was yelling at a coach, likely regarding that. Late play call? Wrong play call? That we didn’t go for it after the delay of game? Didn’t look like a problem to me. Spencer was part of the screwup but he was likely correct to point out someone else’s ineptness.

It looked like the play was changed several times before the clock ran out. I know the frustration on that. I don’t think our QBs have the privilege to audible plays on their own. I’ve been noticing that through the years. Sometimes players have a better view and feel.

Thanks for your contribution. Got hurt every year turnover machine. Take your head coach with you!!.

Sanders can audible. Not mean freshman in their 2nd start do.

Its not just sanders i would like to come back.

If all these guys dnt come back we will be really hurting in the front 7. There are 10. 6 could come back. We only have 7 scholarship players that have to leave. Need guys like Anderson to leave. Dead weight for scholarship.

5 of these guys arent on scholarship.