Spoiled fan post

Like the title says this is what this post will
Be about . Just because things are good for us right now doesn’t meal we can’t whine and bemoan or alma mater lol.

Maybe this post will bring back a few absentees as of late. Come on back guys the waters warm . (I peed in it)

Which coach are you most upset with at this point ? A few years ago we were struggling with rbs and o line play now rbs are good but o line is just ok . We’ve got a qb coach that’s probably our most recent hire . Looks like he’s done some good things with Spencer who’s not had the most continuity in his career here .

Defensively Greg Richmond would be the newest hire ??? He seemed good. Our secondary was getting torched for the first half of the bowl game . Tight ends are our kryptonite are they not ?

Just wanted to stir the pot you know me :smiling_imp:


Dunn, but I’m not ready to give up on him.

I think I might be most disappointed in dickey up to this point, maybe he can turn it around

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Can’t give up on Dunn way too early .
Dickey is a conundrum, he can coach technique for days . I don’t get why we can’t get the recruits and hold onto them ???

Everybody fine with tight ends?

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Dickey is the biggest letdown so far. I’m not sure what the deal is considering he had some mean lines at KState.

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Anyone trying to make Sanders anything but a air-raid quarterback should have been fired after the first game.

The goal is Big12 Conference Championships. Bragging about making it to the Liberty Bowls and Cheez it bowl is like bragging about making the NIT tournament. It’s not the goal. The Fiesta Bowl was a great win but the conference title is what has to be important because it gets you to a playoff. In 2004 Baylor was the worst team in the conference, today they have 3 conference titles and OSU has 1.

All I want is a coach that can win the conference, everything else will take care of itself.

I’m disappointed in the Big 12 for not kicking Baylor out years ago. Would’ve saved Spencer about 7 or 8 interceptions this season.


If this next line isn’t good, I might be out on him.

We are losing (potentially) 4 guys off the line this year and two were starters . You’re probably going to lose that many every year I guess . We’ve got three coming in but need to get at least another 2 from the portal or flip someone .

I just don’t think our line has any mean in them. You need some Oline men that will get down and dirty in the trenches. And you can’t teach mean
Get some that already have it in them.
Some Conrad Dobler types :joy:

How much are you willing to put up with to get those conference titles? Rape charges, domestic assaults, etc… ? 'Cause that’s what got Baylor 2 of their 3 titles, right?

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Oh I see you are like Robert and believe rape and domestic assault makes you a better football player. I believe that the better team that is coached the best usually wins and since 2012 when Gundy is playing Baylor it usually isn’t Gundy. No matter who the coach or players are at Baylor.

Does anyone know what the 4th Presley’s name is and how old? I saw a video of the 4 Presley brothers training but I thought there was only 3 of them.

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We still don’t have a DC…

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I saw where Gundy is gonna hire outside. Hope it doesn’t piss a bunch of D coaches off

Maybe since it’s later they won’t have as many places to go ?

Gundy said he was waiting 7 days (3 days ago) until the pro coaching carousel settles before he hires externally.

I think that came out after I posted that message . Good luck Gundy .

Who do we think we are getting ?