Spring Preview: Cowboys Top-Heavy in QB Experience Heading into 2022

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The Cowboys have virtually no experience at QB after Spencer Sanders.

If I remember correctly, Rangel looks like he doesn’t weigh enough to be ready for Big 12 sacks or QB runs. So I think they will want him to redshirt to build himself up. Gunar Gundy should be ready or not to be the backup, and the fans want to see Gunar heave that ball down field, at least in the pre-conference games. He has the right DNA. His father was a great QB, regardless of what fans think of him as a coach, or a personality type.


I agree I think Rangel will redshirt this year and Gunnar will be the back up. Which if history is any indication Sanders will probably have to miss a game somewhere meaning we should get a good look at little Gundy.

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Ethan Bullock will be missed.

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Who amongst us will ever forget the first and last appearance of Ethan Bullock?
I am still, after all this time, wondering how Spencer Sanders made first team Big 12? Based on his stats instead of watching him play?

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Ethan Bullock will be missed more than you guys think. He was a solid backup option to hand the ball off to the running back.

Wow now that’s a QB room! Not looking good.

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Spencer Sanders is going to be a 4 year starter with probably at least 45 games played. Can anyone name another 4 year starter that has been as unimpressive (on winning teams)? He’s Tony Lindsay or Tone Jones on better teams. The fact that he’s started so many games and that there’s really not a #2 option to replace him does not bode well for the future. For being a qb himself, Gundy has done a terrible job of keeping consistent and sustained success at the qb position. It’s feast or famine with OSU qbs, I’m not sure how that even happens and still win as many games as he has.

You use superlatives a bit too liberally. “Great”???

LOL. Yeah, he wasn’t very good passing or walking cause he was slower than Grandma’s gravy.

We’re in trouble then unless it’s a weak team.

I think some of current perceptions of Gundy as he as coach and personality might fog our memory of how good he really was as QB. I use the word great to describe him as QB because he played great. But it’s all subjective anyway. I cannot any longer make the claim that he was great because he was voted Big 8 starting team QB, because Spencer Sanders for some mysterious reason was given that same honor last season. I am just relying upon my faded memory of watching him play, along with the records that he held until Mason Rudolph.
But like others, I am fearful that Sanders might choose to play here for 2 more seasons instead of just one more.

We’re a running team now. Didn’t you know? Because we have one of the most solid offensive lines in the country. Even though we’ve only had one guy drafted from the offensive line since 2009.

If Sanders goes down it’s gonna get ugly. Can’t believe they didn’t pound the portal.

I can’t wait for Gunnar to prove you all wrong


Someone in the comments wants to know why Peyton Thompson so projected to be 4th string even though he’s been there for 3yrs

I wish people would stop crucifying Sanders. Only half of these turn overs are truly his fault. He’s technically only Junior this coming season with the injuries, missed spring practices, and covid set backs he’s had. Surely most these fans know by now he’s never played with 100% fully functional offensive line. He’s a RPO QB being put into the position to play pro style with halfway working line. He’ll get better and develop more this coming season especially if the O.C and Coach figures out our offense plays better with RPO and uptempo like in the Miami, Notre Dame, and last drive of the Baylor game. Also would help if we incorporate more TE play too.

I believe he’s actually played less than that. you might re check that stat. He’s missed a handful of games with injuries and missed spring practices and games. Last year was his first full season. in a away this coming season is more like a junior season for him.