Star Houston-Area Running Back Recruit Parker Jenkins Names OSU in Top 12

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Jenkins is a top-400 national talent.

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I dnt get to excited by top 12 list. It’s not an overwhelming list. When need to get some of these 4 stars that are liking us. Bringem home


Let us know if we make Top 3. :innocent:

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That list isn’t exactly juggernauts in recruiting, surely we can beat the ones with brand names since we are closer :cowboy_hat_face:

They have 100% crystal ball to lsu before his list came out. He is fast 10.8 100. Bother looks good.

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This would be a big time pickup. I think OSU has a decent shot.


With an offer from Houston he will stay home. It would be hard to think he would want to play anywhere else.

I’m just throwing this out. Houston gets 30000 to home game in a town with 2 million

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The important part to the player usually isn’t the number of people but the number of family members that can attend.

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They are a commuter school aren’t they ? Sampson has trouble filling up their BB arena as good as they are You could fill a complete roster with local boys

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