Stat of the Week: Remember When OSU Used to Pass the Ball?

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I member.

I don’t think the days of slinging it all over the yard are totally over, per se. I do think it’s cool to see Gundy and Co. adapt to what they have…and we’re winning games. Once SS gets more comfortable in Gundy/Gleeson’s QB1 role, I’m assuming the passing game resurrects some.
That all said - do we KNOW anything for sure about 3’s hand?!?!?!!

Never mind…

I remember when Gundy wanted to take what the defense was giving. I remember when Gundy wanted to be balanced. I hear Gundy this year prefers to run the ball. All of it salesmanship and framing the argument to suit your approach. All coaches do it so that isn’t really strange. Most coaches, not so much in the Big 12, run more when starting QB’s have never taken a college snap.

What stuck out the most is the two most successful years (2010 & 2011) include the lowest rushing percentages. I have lamented the offensive direction of the program and reviewing this chart only confirms my worries. Don’t get me wrong I would love oSu to be able to run the ball and have success. Just never seen that happen at a championship level. What I don’t love is running it 20 extra times against UT and putting a freshman QB in a bad spot with 12 TFL and losing a game that could have been a win by 3-10 points.