Stonewall Tavern

Okay, my head is still spinning from what I believe is some new place that replaced Stonewall? Newbar, Still Chill, or something goofy like that, is that correct or was I in some kind of Bizarro world walking by? Doesn’t even look the same or even like a tavern.

Ah, “New Bar”. Very creative.

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Old Bar must’ve been taken haha

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I looked on Google Maps and it’s called NewBar

  1. What a stupid name
  2. No more Stonewall!?! :cry: :cry:

Stonewall had the biggest shot glasses in Stilly.


Best laid back place to just shoot some pool and knock back some inexpensive pitchers.

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Stonewall died a couple of years ago. Still Chill replaced it for awhile but it’s karaoke and drag show plan didn’t work out well apparently (also not great idea to be closed most game days). New bar is the new concept but I have not been in it to see what it’s like now.

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It was ok. Definitely made some changes but it had been a while since I was there so hard to pinpoint what said changes were lol

I happened to be in the area before one of the games last season and totally missed it on the first pass because of the paint and I didn’t see the name like I normally would.