Strengths and Weaknesses: Both OSU and Boise Have Struggled to Run the Ball

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Looking at the Cowboys and the Broncos by the numbers.

After watching Boise’s first two games, I have to believe our secondary can slow down their passing game and give us a chance.

I look at it this way and ask yourself these questions honestly:

If Missouri State plays UTEP who wins?

If Tulsa plays UCF who wins?


The transitive property. That’s very, very flawed logic when assessing matchups.

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Okay. Who do you think played the better teams?

I don’t have any doubt the defense can slow them down. What I’m worried about is how much our offense is going to slow themselves down.

It appears as though Boise has. Having reasons as to why you think a team will win is part of the deal. But basing it off of the transitive property is fools gold.

Well comparing the first two games between each team tells me it wouldn’t be fool’s gold to take Boise not only to win, but to cover as well. I’m guessing you haven’t watched our offense in the first two games?

Listen, I’m not arguing why OSU will win/lose Sat. I trust Vegas when it comes to that & they have the Cowboys as an underdog. I’m just saying that you’re gonna need a little more data than the transitive property.

The OSU oline has been terrible and Sanders looks more like a freshman than a guy who’s in his 4th year on campus. So those are the reasons why I’m taking the Broncos…….not the transitive property

Okay. Well the data tells me that Boise state is averaging 42.5 ppg on offense and they’ve played better competition so far. While we only average 25.5 points per game against weaker competition so far.

In what world does anybody say el paso is a better opponent.
I’m not say boise’s defense can’t get turnovers but I doubt in a 100 rematch they get 6 again.
Just by looking at the ucf game numbers tells u boise had to have had short field.

So Missouri State is better than UTEP? Tulsa is better than UCF?

Yes msu is better then el paso. I never mentioned ucf.
But, was ucf in their championship game last year.
Ucf plays Louisville Friday. We will know more, if they lose to Louisville.

Gundy’s gotta stop with the “they’re young and inexperienced” thought process on saturdays. Stop coddling them and open things up. They’re D1 athletes, and good ones at that. Trust them. Also, Boise had (I believe) 13 yards of total offense in the 2nd half vs UCF. Thirteen…. UTEP is UTEP, not putting any merit in their success vs them. If we lose, it’ll be because the offense had a similar performance to their first two games. Defense will be fine.

So you think a team that went 5-5 in 1AA is better than a team that won 3 games in Division 1?


I’ll just put it this way. If Gundy can’t stop coddling them then maybe he should bring in this guy to give this speech:

We want to win

That speech was after a win.

So your telling me that if Missouri State and UTEP were to play today your confident UTEP would lose?