Superlatives from Oklahoma State's 20-18 Win over Kansas State

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Handing out game balls from OSU’s comeback win in Manhattan.

Give Gundy a game ball and maybe he will go for it on 4th and less than a yard.

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Give Dunn the game ball for actually going what Iv been saying for the whole year and that’s to put your 2nd best offensive playing in the dang game and let him play!!! The true freshman Brennan Presley!!!. Good true freshman can make great impacts and do all around the country. There was an article with Dunn praising Brennan and gundy saying he is special and will be a special player in years to come but he has to wait his turn lol lol lol. Please!!! Play your best players to win today not tomorrow and this is the problem with this team and will continue to be under pat jones 2.0 offense. By the way the last 10 years this offense has been like watching paint dry…boring.

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I have also said for the past few years that the old playbook needs an update. It must be so very easy for opponents each week to prepare for a defense against OSU since they have seen the same plays for the last several years. If there is going to be a run it will be up the middle. And there will be too many passes to the right side of the field at the line of scrimmage.

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Nothing wrong with scheme. In 2018 500 yrds 38pts. Red zone was like 4 td to 1 fg ratio. 2020 410 28 and 1 td to 3fg. Its Sanders.

It’s not Sanders, it wasn’t Rudolph or Corndog or Walsh or Chelf. Some systems make a qb and some systems make 3rd or 4th in the conference.

There are some symptoms, but not qb. As a troll ur never happy unless u make havoc. Ur either a ou troll ( this is my vote) or a fanatic. Which both are scarey. All great osu cowboys. 3 out 5 were the holy grail 4 stars.:woozy_face::scream::pleading_face::ghost:. Don’t ask for my address u seem a lil off tilter.:thinking::man_facepalming::man_in_motorized_wheelchair::woman_health_worker:

Yes sanders is a problem and so is the same old play calling to go along with it. He has a better option sitting on the bench and he refuses to put him in but to no surprise to anybody Illingworth has not put his two years in the program to put him over sanders which has. I talk about it and we watch it year after year that if you haven’t put your time in the culture then you don’t play unless you absolutely have to. Seniors over a better underclassman will always play and get the majority of the playing time💯. This is why we don’t get brothers of good players because they know they won’t play real playing time till they are a jr. BS.

I truly don’t think it’s Sanders. Rattler is already making making quick decisions and getting rid of the ball. Riley’s system makes it easier for the qb.

So u say the system actually makes Sanders hold on to the ball. I know u need to get 10 ou post in a day but don’t waste our time. Shane in his first serious throw the ball away to avoid a sack( gundy did bench too). If Sanders was gun shy or scared of his own shadow and run the system we would win. Throw to the open guy. Don’t sit in the pocket.

If you’re going through your progressions and you have 4 or 5 options compared to 2 or 3, you’re going to hold the ball longer.

I would love for that to be the case. If Sanders makes it to his 2 nd option 10 % of the time I would be surprised. If was look at 4 options then he would see the guy sacking him. He is holding the ball for his first option to open. Gundy has said he needs to tuck it run. That is why he is in there. And really with off line troubles and him not looking, we keep ever in the box but 2 recievers.