TCU Game 'Personal' for Dominic Richardson

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Richardson ran physically against the team he signed with out of high school.


That’s what I said on one of the posts after the game was over. Dude was running hard, effective and looked very promising. Had to have been a revenge factor there, hope he acts like all teams are TCU from here on out, LOL!


“… Just because it was TCU, I just wanted to put that punishment on them and just keep on going forward and get what I can get.”

Please do it no matter who the opponent might be. Thanks!!!

Nice to have a backup like Richardson. He can definitely carry the load if called upon.

Love this kid! Looks like a future every down back in the NFL.

As much fun as it is to see him bowl people over, if he continues his chances of getting hurt go way up.

I think Richardson might be our fastest back.