Texas A&M Running Back Transfer Deondre Jackson Commits to Oklahoma State

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Jackson had 13 yards on three carries as an Aggies.


Nice looking back. A lil bigger then Richardson. I know it’s hs and basically 4 years ago. But seems to have better vision then Richardson

It’s nice to pickup a back. He had some big names after him in hs. Last proved we needed at least 4 backs. The freshman already got nick up in spring game.

We also picked up a d tackle for 2023.


Really like this pick up. Massive human being that I think can be a good compliment to Richardson, Nixon is a good change of pace back and this will allow Gordon and Brown to get their feet wet more slowly.


Not really excited about this one. Maybe he will do well but does add some depth to the room.

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I don’t know what to think about this kid. Maybe he’ll end up being like another Warren. Of course, had it not been for injuries we may have never known just how good Warren was. Maybe if we could find a way to get him to 6’4 250 we can make him into a Cowboy back and have another blocker.


That high school video had some impressive runs. Granted it’s 2, 3 years now removed from HS. Get him in the weight room w/ Rob Glass & Co and kid could be impressive!

Can we get a QB in the portal???

See thats the bs were talking about. There is no need to add irrelevant stuff.