Texas Athlete Raymond Gay Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU lands a commitment from a corner from the Lone Star State.

Wow, beat out the likes of Navy, Rice, and Houston Baptist. I hope this kid turns out to be a diamond in the rough.

I’m speechless right now… In a position that we lead the nation in biletnikoff winners this shocks the smoke out of me even while having the expectations of our recruiting that I do these days. Is this a Bill Belichick move?? Are we out smarting people on this pick or just ourselves? “Honey can you pour me a drink please” #EFFORT

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I have to correct my self he is a receiver but we recruited him as a corner. That being said I’m still speechless…

Well, thank goodness we got him before all the blue bloods came knocking.


Doubt you watched his film before commenting, but my goodness! You can’t teach speed. He has speed and then some.

Just remember, virtually nobody recruited Barry Sanders either.

You know if Gundy works at it this could be the lowest recruiting ranking he’s had.

Web had plenty of speed on defense the past 6,7 years and if you can’t play the game speed does nothing for you

In the past speed meant they were fast enough to get out of the way and not get hurt.

Thank goodness you get to be a keyboard warrior !

How many college kids have you recruited?!

As many a coach…0

Just wish we would quit converting quarterbacks and receivers To corners! But if you can’t recruit good enough I guess this is what you do. I mean I would recruit corners to be corners considering they played that position his whole life. If we are trying to covert this kid to a corner then he will be a back up corner in his junior year after trying to developing him or He will be one of the best stories in osu history considering his offer list coming out of highschool in osu history. What’s your pick?

Says the comment troll

That’s great we landed speed as a project. Even if he can’t cover, there is potential for help with returns and an additional receiver who can blow the top off of defenses. Really need to focus efforts on A. J. Green. Been dreaming of him in orange and black since I saw him play when my daughter cheered back in the sixth grade. He was a man amongst boys out on the field. Knew he was special back then, and have watched him develop over the years. Would be nice to finally land a true corner who is already a stud at his natural position and who can make an immediate impact. Projects in the rough are great if they pan out, but it’s a wasted year or two while they get their feet wet.

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You do realize the last guy we converted from qb to corner made it to an NFL team right?

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@scott6 was about to say the same thing!