Texas Bowl Grades: Oklahoma State Passes in All Phases and More

Originally published at: Texas Bowl Grades: Oklahoma State Passes in All Phases and More

On all phases, uniforms and Ollie’s acting

Wide Receivers A++

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The worst part of an otherwise very entertaining game was definitely the uniforms. A school that identifies itself with orange, shows up looking like Auburn. I know Halloween is long past, but orange black would have made us proud.
And let’s not have this unique season end without congratulating Gundy for refraining from bringing back the mullet.
Cael Gundy is soon going to be bald like their father, but Mike Gundy has championship hair.

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Agree with you on the uni’s. Orange is our color so it should be prominent especially on the national stage. Also HCMG has world class hair. Especially for someone at his age.


So glad we weren’t the only ones wondering what was up with the navy blue. My wife asked me if they had changed the team colors. I was “Um, noooo, maybe it’s the TV”. But then we saw OSU’s name in the end zone and it was clearly black.

At least the navy blue wasn’t as bad a look as those A&M helmets. Yuck.

Yea someone missed setting the correct white balance on the TV cameras lol

OSU was wearing black jerseys. You might need to check your TV.

The colors were off on the telecast. A lot of us noticed the same weird colors on both teams unis