Texas Favored Over OSU by Touchdown Ahead of Week 7 Matchup

We will have to tackle well. That freshman reciever is big and quick. Ur font will have to get pressure on Thompson. They have to keep in front of Thompson.
Big td plays will need to be stopped.

If ou plays no body in the top 15 , in a conference that has played no one in the top 15, how will ou resume stack up.

It’s a power 5 undefeated champion. They’re not getting left out.

Time will tell what happens. We have had alot happen in the first half. I doubt it plays out any different.

I love read picks by the pros. It makes me think why do people pay them.
So athletic has 4 guys only 1 has a winning record.
They got 3 picking kentucky all 4 picking Tennessee
But only 1 picking us. Good omens.