Texas Favored Over OSU by Touchdown Ahead of Week 7 Matchup

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It’s the second time this season OSU is an underdog.

Just goes to show you what everybody else out side this program thinks of osu football today. 5-0 and it took all this time to get to 12 and also stayed put Saturday after polls came out and still an 7 point dog to a team that has lost twice this year. We also had a returning quarterback for his 3rd year and most of our team back minus acouple good guys. If this was eight years ago we would be ranked in top 6 no questions asked. I don’t blame them tho because we haven’t won any meaningful games in a long time.

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Minus one year that coach Holgerson actually coached that year, Gundy has puked down his leg in all his meaningful games. It’s a trend that voters have seen enough of to not give them the benefit of the doubt.

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Only u could come up with the stupidest reason why we are ranked 12vand underdogs. We were underdogs to bosie too. I’m fine being underdog. What does it matter after we win by 1 at the end

Because you don’t move up fast enough and when you loose you really get hurt in the rankings. We were and will be behind the sticks every preseason under Gundy unless he starts winning meaningful games. Nobody cares if your 5-0 every year unless you win your conference or play for it or beat really good teams out of conference but we don’t even play tough competition out of conference.

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You got a better reason? I’d like to hear it.

Go look at who is ahead of us. If we win we will get there. Win we win Saturday we will be a top ten team maybe as high as 8. So I get what ur saying to a point.
We have to win. If we win out. It will mean we beat ou twice and both times they would be a top ten win.

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Nobody outside this program has faith in your coach to win meaningful games anymore🤷‍♂️.

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Their is one the kc writer. Lol
If I was voting for really I could put them much higher myself rite now.

We will see what happens

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This game next week is a meaningful game on the road but dosent look as good as it would have if they beat ou

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Both ou and osu need each other to win out. With the Alabama loss It has open the playoffs up a lil.
It’s not just us with scheduling the conference has 2 ranked wins. Baylor has one coming up. But vtech and Nevada are not much to write about.

OU doesn’t need us to win out lol

If Texas would have won we would not only be underdogs by 14 but ranked lower.

I don’t think Texas is that good and should be a win for us if sanders dosent turn the ball over.

Ou will be a different team when we play them like every year. Beatable early in season and nails at the end

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So they have done enough by beating the 21st team that got rolled by Arkansas.
If Cincinnati wins out they will have a top 10 win and a top 15 win. We lose, ou may not have a top 15 win.
That leaves a Ala win over Georgia an opening for 2 sec team. And still got the big 10 teams.
Dnt kid urself there is plenty of reason to vote ou out.

Just think if we still had Trey sterling and Ford still playing, scary D.

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They aren’t leaving an undefeated power 5 champion out. Use your head.

If ou goes undefeated with beating no top 15 or even 20 teams it will be tuff. They will need 21 ponit wins not 7.
But if we were a top 5 then u would be rite.