Texas in Position to Poach OSU Commit Billy Walton After Weekend Visit to Austin

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Walton committed to OSU earlier this spring.

Its all good he wants to try it at texas fine. We have proved were making edge players. I dnt want a guy who doesnt eant us.

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Agree. Rather him change his mind now than after 1 year in Stillwater and transfer.


We went thru the same deal with desean last year with ou. He is here and i hope he is here.

Billy knows what he is getting here. Thur his family he knows. How many draft picks did texas get last year. How were they ranked in defense.

I know i would love austin at 18.

I think anyone going to UT is either going due to a guaranteed NIL deal/payment or due to UT’s upcoming move to the SEC.

They aren’t going for (a) player development or (b) coaching stability. One more 5-7 season and Sark might not survive - Manning or not.

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Money money money. Going to be hard for osu to get high ranked kids anymore, not that they did but those 2 or 3 4stars they got every year are going to be harder to get. Hints gundy with no 4stars on the recruiting trail yet.

I state months ago with the new coaches and the rest going on i didnt see a high ranking class. But, im not scared.

If you think NIL and/or SEC is why UT is going to sign a kid, then you haven’t paid attention to recruiting for the last 50 years. Despite their recent run since Mack was ran out of town, one constant has been recruiting classes. They had no trouble getting highly rated recruits before NIL & the SEC move. Development has been their issue. Not recruiting

We are well use to decommits. Just let the guy talk. God i would love to heard the excuse for all the ou decommits.

At OkState he can sack the holy shite out of a #1 recruit.
At Texas he can retire from the game of football.
Be smart Walton, be smart.

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He was already committed to OSU, and had always been recruited by Texas. So yes, I do think NIL is why he switched.

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