Texas, OU to Announce Intentions of Leaving Big 12 for SEC Within 48 Hours

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/texas-ou-to-announce-intentions-of-leaving-big-12-for-sec-within-48-hours/

The move could happen this weekend.


Really surprised this could happen. Doesn’t make sense but both program’s actions show how toxic they are as conference partners. They will now be low man on the totem pole in a conference without the financial advantage over other programs they enjoyed in the Big 12. I have no idea how either thinks they won’t get pushed around in the SEC. Going behind ATMs back should have been a red flag for how they treat new members.

UT put on a masters class at pushing around Big 12 north members and teaching NU a value lesson apparently neither UT or OU learned. NU had tradition, as a result of winning, but their power IMO came from consistently competing against schools with smaller budgets. Having a larger budget in the BIG isn’t beneficial as everyone has large budgets. Keeping the “little guys” down IMO was far more critical than any money/exposure NU got by going to the BIG. OU and UT kept that successful approach with the LHN and OU side deal with FOX. To give that up to be an also ran in the SEC is dumb ever for those two programs. Not surprised this happened for months with or without Bob Bowlsby’s consent.

I’m pretty sure 3/4 of the members have to approve them coming in, that may have been discussed already with everyone but ATM :joy:
You can bet ATM will lobby hard with all the other members for a no vote :joy::joy: