Thank You Gundy!

College football’s STATE CHAMPS OF THE 2010s - for The State of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma closed the decade by winning the Big 12 five times in a row, made as many Playoff appearances as anyone not named Bama or Clemson, and fielded what advanced metrics say are some of the greatest offenses ever, which yielded back-to-back Heisman winners and first overall picks. They also owned Oklahoma State, continuing to ensure Bedlam [does not live up to its nickname]

Seems like this would be perfect to merge with the tired of Gundy thread.


Or just, you know, not post it. Because it’s boring and tiresome and nobody gives a crap anymore, since those of us who are critical but don’t have an axe to grind are willing to admit that there’s a lot of positive that comes from our coach, not just all negative.


Completely agree.

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You must be referring to the continuous weak recruiting classes, the non-conference wins against irrelevant teams, or the charisma and professionalism demonstrated in public forums??? Totally agree, these are great accomplishments and personal characteristics!!!

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No, I’m referring to the total uselessness of yet another thread bitching and moaning about Gundy. We have MORE than enough and, since all you do is complain about him, we don’t need to hear anything more about it. MANY of us are critical of Gundy, but we’re at least reasonable about it.


Love him or hate him, Oklahoma State has been much better in the past 15 years. Now we are pissed off with an 8 and 5 season. A winning season used to be our goal. Now we expect 10 wins each season. That’s Gundy’s fault. Thank you Gundy!


Blaming Gundy for OU having an incredible decade is an interesting move.



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Yea. If we recruit SO bad, then how are there more Biletnikoff trophies in the case than any other school! Along with the B12 offensive POY. Or Texas POY. Whatever tho man. Just another “copy and paste” whiny a** fan who has no solution, just complaints.


I think it would be nice to have as good a record as K State or Baylor against OU the last 10 years.

They still would’ve been the “state champs” on that list.

Well at least we’ve been as tough on OU as Iowa State has been on us the last 10 years. Oh wait, forget that.

OSU has it’s best decade while OU does as well…it’s one of those things where damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenarios.

YES MIKE GUNDY WON A BUNCH OF GAMES IN THE WORST 10 year stretch in Big 12 football history! Does not make him a good HC…

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Like…there’s criticism to be had, of course. And we’ve had it. But I can’t even muster the energy on this one.

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I am always confused when people like to pump up the sewer and pour their stinking, rotten sewage on other peoples heads.

Glad I am not this sad and miserable. Go look for attention somewhere else