Thanks to COVID, Injuries, OSU Is Better Equipped to Replace Chuba Hubbard

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Also, LD Brown is FAST.

How many years has Gundy had the best running back in the conference and not been 1st or 2nd?

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Not sure but why haven’t u told us

With the RBs we had last season there was no reason Chuba had to carry the ball that much and hence got injured. Gundy sticks too long with the known instead of giving the unknown guys a chance to show what they can do. Sounds like he has learned from this or Dunn has enlightened him about the need to share the running load and the hits taken. Why does it take so long for Gundy to catch on to things like this?

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Did I watch a different team. Chuba was pull alot because of fumbles and poor running. He got hurt more to his not trying then to how many plays

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“Can’t ever replace experience, in my opinion,”

Uh…yes you can. You can replace them with a younger player that’s better than they are. Even if a guy has been playing all 4 years and is still the same it doesn’t mean his experience has made him better. He still sucks regardless of that said experience.

So chuba is terrible

So 600 carries or more is not a lot?

We were talking last year.

Did he have 600 carries last year?

Any way I never can keep what u want straight. One minute guys dnt get enough chances. Then some get to many.
Has gundy ever given any player the ball the rite amount.
U know if u give ur guys the ball more u may find way we dnt.

No, but 600 carries out of typically 25-26 games equals to about 25 carries a game.

Barry carried ball over 30. And was smaller.
One thing I do know chuba was mad about it he came back for more.

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Brown should have been our starter after the first few games anyways. Replacing Chuba is what happened last year

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Seniority rules in gundy football.

Not hard to replace Chuba’s running in my opinion because we have him already in brown. Need the bigs up front is what we need and a quarterback that can throw accurately consistently and not turn it over.

And use the middle of the field in the throwing attack

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Anything else we need. Since ur making a wish list?:upside_down_face::wink::innocent::blush::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

5 five stars and the rest 4

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Probably won’t get looked at by the ncaa