The AAC Could Try and Poach OSU, Remaining Big 12 Teams

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This could be interesting.

We r just riting anything now.

That would be the last resort if no other power conferences were to expand. It would be a disaster from a $ standpoint.


Joining the AAC would be a major failure by the university.

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Join the AAC, that’s the most absurd thing I have heard to date. Why don’t you try and be journalists and ferret out some new information that will help us understand what is going on? Yea that would be better than writing about some idiotic option. Better to not write anything at all than to do what you are doing here.

Just stay passive Big XII powers that be, that’$ the ticket! Expect a miracle…even though I believe in miracles I’m fed up with these conference clowns. NEVER EVER EVER have they been proactive, as if it’s illegal or something.

AAC would be a HUGE step down for us. We could save the conference if these GOOBER$ would step up and start talking to some teams who might wanna join but that looks like a pipe dream!

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a move to the acc would be a downgrade academically? lol. that’s a hoot.

tulane, tulsa, smu, temple, cincy, and sfu are freaking ranked on the same level
or above osu, ksu, osu, tt, wvu, and even isu.

ever been to west virginia? i have!

texas and baylor are the only two schools that have a meaningful academic rep.

i’m pretty sure sfu and cincy absolutely crush all b12 institutions i just listed in terms of research and would probably rank #1 of the leftovers outside of maybe baylor.

as far as athletically, the b12 remainders aren’t much different than the aac.

whoever wrote this article has their head up
their butt.

I guess this whole academic thing is important, I mean if colleges didn’t embrace it I guess they wouldn’t be worth much, I guess. All that I know is I’m a graduate of OSU from the late 70’s. I learned enough there to get a good job, raise two wonderful girls, send them to the college of their choice and comfortably retire when I wanted to. Of course a lot of what happened had to do with me and my resolve to succeed but I digress. I really couldn’t ask for more and I will forever be indebted to OSU for the opportunity an education there provided me, regardless of OSU’s academic standing. P.S. Tulsa is the real deal for smart people, no joke.

Everyone has a business so the like to grade that. Which is stupid since it’s not rocket science.
U take a osu it’s good in alot of area. Areas that is common and not so common.
If I want to be a bank manager in perkins or sell insurance in Guthrie do I need to go to Harvard business school. If I take my cow to the vet is it a plus they came from osu u bet. Actually if ur a vet there higher percentage of of top notch vet from osu then ceo from tosu. Since every school teaches business but what only 50 have vet schools.
Yes we all can’t be vet I was just use that as an example. With the size of oklahoma and have some many school, they all have their niche. Doesn’t mean is a chit education.

This absolutely has nothing to do with academics. In our world MONEY matters most.
Any move will be based solely on tv revenue. Academics will be considered for five minutes.
You go to OSU if you want to be a vet, fireman, forestry major, ag major, engineer, architect,
hotel and restaurant manager. Anything else, go elsewhere, unless you want to watch high caliber sports.

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You forgot engineering, oSu has one of the best institutions for that, as well as the various Ag majors. Uni is what you make it! I majored in advertising which looking back is a rather useless major but really all employers look at, unless you’re in a specialized field like engineering, is that you graduated.

My nephew is currently a mech engineering major at TU, mostly because they gave him almost a free ride. Is it better than oSu’s? I doubt it but it’s probably good. Tulsa’s thing is it the school is so dang small you’re going to have more interactions w/ profs and the like but what does this have to do w/ footy, y’all? :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Yes ur rite I just used the vet school because of the limit schools that have it. They have got alot of good school at osu. R we as good as Harvard sure in some.
That was my point.
We are a small state with have ou and osu its tuff to do what tosu does. Ohio is 3 times the size. A land grant college who does the medical and lawyers stuff.
U go look at a lot of aau schools they a either the only school in the state or in large states.
We just found out that a kid can go to osu for a bs then to ou for his law. The AG is that kid.

the AAC needs to move fast – get hose good schools and the NCAA will have to notice you as you kill the big boys – do it ! Don’t keep putting yourself down – move ! Don’t be silly and say you don’t want it or can’t do it ; the big 12 is ripe, pick 'em ! ---- the big 10 is another possibility, but they can’t absorb everyone — neither can the PAC – let’s be realistic here …