The Best and the Worst from Oklahoma State's Loss to Iowa State

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The good, the bad and the ugly officiating from OSU-Iowa State.

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Okay…who is ready for us to stop having an identity crisis on offense? Are we going to be a run first offense? Or a pass first offense?

If we are going to stick with passing the ball then go back to what you know and start throwing the rock around.

If we are going to switch to a run first team and play solid defense with long sustained drives. Then start recruiting guys that are familiar with that offense and hire the Army OC and bring him into Stillwater.

Might be a couple of tough years adjusting to the transition, but lining up with a single back in the back field and running through the same gap every phucking game is getting a little old.

Blah blah blah

If you have a better idea I’d like to hear it. Since you think you know more than anyone else on here about football.