The Best and the Worst from Oklahoma State's Win over Kansas State

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There was more good than bad from the Cowboys on Saturday.

Okay, call me overly cynical, but did anyone else feel the ghost of Gundys past make their presence known in the Kstate game. I seem to recall 4 significant leads blown completely by becoming overly conservative in the second half of Texas games alone, much less those from other schools.

It would seem that we can win every game in which we do NOT need to score in the second half, can win the turnover battle and only against FBS competition. FCS schools require that we score in the second half. I want to drink the orange kool aid, but so far, it has no sweetener in what I have seen, despite the unblemished record. A game in which no second half score is needed AND we get timely gifts from the opposition will be harder and harder to find as this season goes on.

I want to be good and lucky, not just lucky. We seem capable, but our offensive playcalling and woes, while a bit better, are still questionable. Questionable is a big step up from abysmal. Here is hoping…


Dunn and Gundy both addressed the play calling of the second half by saying that it was dictated by the penalties we got. Dunn said we were driving to score but you can’t expect to get much when you are 2nd and 22. They wanted KSU defense on the field as long as possible to tire them out, that is one reason they were not passing much in second half. Also wanted to take time off the clock. Gundy said they have to play that way because of the way our offense currently is. I guess he meant lack of RBs and receivers and an offensive line still trying to get better.
So yes, the play calling is not impressive but they are telling us that is how it has to be at this time because of the state of the offense. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with that reasoning, just reporting how I understood what Gundy and Dunn told us. My own opinion is that regardless of the state of affairs of the players on offense, we would still have very conservative play calling. But not to this extent. I agree that as we move on in conference play we have to match scoring during the second half or we are going down. Even the best defense is not going to be able to shut out most teams. This team has very bad luck when it comes to injuries but so far very good luck when it comes to defense.

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I guess for me where I get concerned the most is how bad we’ve been in the 3rd quarter. The 3rd quarter the offense looks like a circus out there and the other team seems to gain momentum. The 4th quarter we don’t score but we seem to get what’s needed to win the game.

The defense is just good enough that we can play a bad 3rd quarter and get away with it (so far). Texas looks like they’ve got their offense figured out too. I wouldn’t be as concerned if we were scoring 10-14 points in the second half with the defense we have, but they better not hope they can go scoreless in a 2nd half against Texas and expect to come out with a W. Eventually there is going to be that game where the defense struggles and can’t force a turnover.

You might be able to do that against lesser talented teams, or teams that aren’t capable of passing the ball, but you can’t do it against a team littered with 4 and 5 star athletes that look like they’ve discovered their identity now.

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I can agree with that. We better not hope that they can go scoreless in a 2nd half with Baylor, much less Texas!! ;-\

Gundy also used to say that those repeated second half melt downs with Texas were because of depth, not overly conservative play on offense. Gundy says a lot of things.

I’m changing my tune. This team is trending up, and that will continue. Prepare for a sizable win over Baylor. I’m calling it.

I hope you’re right. I think our bye week placement could help us get to 6-0 if we take advantage of it and beat Baylor this week. We get Baylor at home and then Texass who will have played TCU and OU right before us while we have the week off to prepare for them.

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One problem we threw more passes in the second half.
Yes bone head plays cost alot in the second half. Coaches need to clean that up

Yes I’m scared of Texas too. The way they tore through tech’s stout d.
I can’t believe I typed that with a straight face.

Gundy said he expects it to be a 4th quarter game.

Tech ain’t great but it was still 70 points. We get the benefit of them being worn down after TCU and OU so that should help.


Come on. What did Texas score last year what a couple more td in the tech game. Seriously was any one playing defense 105 points.

Do you think OSU is scoring 70 points against Tech this year?

Do I think, no. What did we score last year 45. Do I think we could sure. Games get out if control. Just about 3 td. Look at Saturday we scored 31. That was a half. U start putting 50 or 60 the other coach still trying to score next thing u know a couple of pic 6.
I dnt see ur buddy wells being here to much longer.
Maybe tech hires leach back.

I never said anything about Wells being a good coach. All I ever said is that he’s 2-1 against Gundy so far.

You said more then that. U compared gundy to the last tech coach. Saying see tech cares about their team they fired a guy losing and went and got a new coach.
If that’s not an endorsement, I would no what one is.

Definitely need to get the ball more to Presley in space. You’re nuts if you don’t!!!

He’s always been conservative once we get a good lead.

Dunn just have to follow the company line. If you think he’s allowed to call his own plays then Naive must be your middle name.

@jon2 Yeah, I don’t see it. I don’t see us blowing out anyone apart from Kansas but even that game might be close if their good QB is healthy. Dude’s got wheels and that always gives us issues.