The Big 12 Dunked on Pac-12 Twitter, and It Was Glorious

Originally published at: The Big 12 Dunked on Pac-12 Twitter, and It Was Glorious | Pistols Firing

My goodness.

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How petty…

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I would like to see the numbers with all 4 schools (leaving) included. I bet the gap gets even bigger. UCLA is never full capacity.

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Yeah I dont really see that as much of a posterization really. Its like two Jr High boys pillowfighting

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Yea but our pilliows are full of facts.

They know they cant go add teams like the big 12 did.
Byu national brand.
Cincy off a playoff berth.
Ucf largest school in us.
Houston a texas hot bed for recruits.

Yes we know your goons got into the sec. Doesnt make you an adult.

On a serious adult note.

How is the goons running game going to be.
No williams.

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Meanwhile the Big 10 and SEC just sit back laughing :man_facepalming:

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lll entertain this with you until you get special needs-ish

"yea but our pilliows are full of facts" Both tweets contained absolute facts. What id be interested to see is what the attendance for those teams will be going forward. The attendance will drop for the Big 12 schools once they dont have OU/TX on the home slate. Im not a PAC proponent. Give me the Big 12 games all day. But when Iowa St is your biggest stadium…its not much of a feather in your cap.

"They know they cant go add teams like the big 12 did" Agreed. The Big 12 did about as good a job as they couldve. Now that still has the Conf on definitely shaky ground. Those 4 arent going to help much.

"How is the goons running game going to be.
No williams." I assume you are referring to the QB Caleb Williams. The OU Oline will likely be a strength. I think Gabriel will play really good football. The OC has proven to want to run the football. A lot. I think offensively, OU will be fine.

Now see i should stop here because again your showing goon tunnel vision.

Pac 12 is trying to say there better because their the pac 12. Byu will be the biggest.

We will fight to get tv eye balls. But lose butts in seats is no up to which bb were playing. Last year uo wasnt the largest crowd. Uo is not be the highest. Winning brings people to the games. I went to ksu games in the 80’s you could seat any where.

I guess we will see. If the uo line is not improved Gabriel will need heavenly help. I know you guys pick up ( stole) 2 guys to replace 3. I think i heard the same last year tho.

You do a lot of talking on here. You post 16,000 times. But I dont really see much of you making any strong statements outside of taking shots at everybody else. So lets hear some thoughts by you.

What will OSU’s record be this year?
What will OU’s be?
Who plays for the Big 12 Title?
Seeing what all you had to say about USC and Riley, What will USC’s record be this year?

Yes ive seen your lil 16000 note. Im glad you notice me. Doing, do diligence, research on me makes me feel special.

I see your deflecting.

On records i would think the bedlam winner gets 10 wins the lose is 9. But thats not saying much for uo. They have no true road game with the top5 teams. The schedule is in Brent’s favor. So you better hope he get to 9 or 10.

Why would i care about riley. He is your ex not mind. Im glad we gave him a parting gift.

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What will OSU’s record be this year?
What will OU’s be?
Who plays for the Big 12 Title?

I answered the record deal. Make predictions not mean anything tomato. Look at the guys who pick texas is back every year they still have jobs.

I think it could be a bedlam title game. Us get 2 bedlam wins before uo goes sleeking into the sec.

Before riley left we were told he was a offensive guru.

We sacked Williams ( a mobile qb) 6 times. Our front 4 got 70% of our sacks. You will face balyor and ksu fronts too.

We know one lineman you picked up was part of a team that gave up 6 sacks to 1 guy at tcu.
Last year you guys got a lineman from ucla now its cali. Pac 12 lineman.

You will need an improved line and line coach oc and head coach. Then you will have to out score texas.
Im not trying to be mean i just pointing out some things. Just like i point out out has the best schedule.

You said the Bedlam winner has 10 wins and the loser has 9. You didnt say which was which, nor did you say who plays for the BIg 12 title.

So ill ask for the 3rd and final time

What will OSU’s record be this year?
What will OU’s be?
Who plays for the Big 12 Title?

Man for a guywho cant stand to read my post your sure in a hurry to see what i got to say. Dnt get all twist in a knot. If you would notice my name would flash up meaning im typing

"i would think the bedlam winner gets 10 wins the lose is 9" You still havent said which is which. So thats not a prediction.

"I think it could be a bedlam title game". COULD be or will be?

I guess you got tired. I said us with 2 bedlam wins i think covers it all. Poor tomato so excitable.

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So OU goes 9-3 and OSU goes 10-2. OSU goes on the road to win at OU and Baylor…so then who beats them?

When did baylor get involved?

So i need to give you the record and who beats whom.

We have uo baylor and ksu road games with texas at home. Im hoping to go 2 and 2.

Uo still have games at wv and ames.

Why not baylor they will be tied 4 straight games with games to isu and byu. We will be coming off a bye.

No correcting me about my thoughts about the uo line?

“Why not Baylor?” You are the one who says its a Bedlam Title game. Thats for you to answer.

You can think whatever you prefer on anything. I think the OU OLine will be a strength on their club. Harrison is a 1st rd pick @LT. Wanya Morris has dropped 18lbs this summer @RT. Raym is a returning starter @C and is finally healthy. Murray is a yr stronger. There is more experience in that group than any on the roster. Add what Schmiddy has done in the offseason and yes…theyll be a good bunch. The TCU transfer youre talking about will be a backup @RT

OU’s biggest issue will be defensively. Not offensively. Im not saying theyre gonna go roll and be a top 5 offense in the country. Im saying that offensively they are better prepared to have success than they are on the defensive side.