The Big 12's Top 10 Nonconference Games of 2024

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Colorado doesn’t have a boring noncon game in its return to the Big 12.

How can TCU at SMU be “honorable mention” when it’s also #9?

I dnt make the rules just forced to live with them. Lol

I think our Arkansas game should be higher. Means alot to us. But, to pittman it means a bunch

You think a non-conference game against a team that went 4-8 should be higher?

Billy they were all non conference games. I know your mom had you grinder shield was on, and you cant read.
2 games were g5, 2 were fcs.
And i gave reason why i thought it should be. Pathetic

Okay, so because it means a lot to US then it should mean a lot to others? Can you please come back to reality? And just because those games are FCS and G5 doesn’t mean they won’t be better games.

You go back to the first answer tgat you could fine anything about. So you can read? I said it means alot to us Arkansas and both conferences. Thats the same fir the other 4 games. You are just a moron.

Looks like you should be more specific the first time then. It wouldn’t force me to ask you so many questions. It’s not my fault you can’t be detailed enough.

Your the one wants to see rice. I would like to see your brain after you die.

Sorry if a team that was only better than Vanderbilt in their conference doesn’t quite do it for me.

The biggest Non-Conference Game of 2024 BY FAR is Arizona @ KState. Both are viewed as top teams in the conference and one team will have an additional loss.
Second up is obviously Utah @ Baylor.

The Big 12 will have 2 additional losses than if we played non-non-conference games.

Both of those teams are overrated. Lost more then they replaced.

Utah at osu is the top game.

Billy the last thing anyone wants to know is what gets you excited. But. If rice does it ,then my power to you

Thanks. :+1:

I was referring to non-conf games. Utah@KState is a “non conference” game for both teams this year, just as is Arizona@Baylor.

Agree that Utah@OState is the top Conference game, at least based on current predictions.

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