The Case for UCF as a Big 12 Expansion Target

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UCF brings a lot to the table in an expanded Big 12.

All good point. Mite be a lil thin on recruiting in Florida. Ucf will do better I dnt see any of the 8 going in there and cleaning house.

I think the biggest draw is the Orlando market and the massive enrollment. If they have 70,000 + students every year if they can get in a conference where they have a legitimate chance to go the CFP I would think a large chunk of them would be interested in tuning in.

So it looks like UCF, BYU, Houston and Cincinnati might be on the wish list for the Big 12. Then you can keep the conference name. But if it expands beyond 12 teams then it sounds sounds stupid to keep calling it the Big 12. Just like the Big 10 is no longer the Big 10. I don’t know if BYU wants any part of this. That would then open the door for probably Memphis. I see no value in adding SMU.

There is no world where any current Big XII school develops any kind of recruiting pipeline to the state of Florida. We could add Florida, Florida State, and Miami to the conference and schools like OSU or Tech still would not see significant recruiting benefits in that state. Adding schools like UCF and Cincinnati will, however, create the nationwide perception that the Big XII is Conference USA 2.0 and it will cost us big time in recruiting Texas.

Losing our recruiting foothold in the state of Texas will be the final nail in the coffin of the Big XII’s relevancy. Our last best hope is to create the perception that we are resurrecting the old SWC. If done correctly, that MIGHT allow us to duke it out with the SEC for Texas talent. Say what you will about the SWC, but it was unique and entertaining (something the AAC has never been). Bowlsby seems to be spending too much time studying the market and not enough time building a unique and entertaining product.

If we can deliver a product that is unique and entertaining, the money/TV stuff will take care of itself.

Lololo get in the backseat with all that nonsense

A lot of us alums have Orlando timeshares we bought when the kids were young. We will travel! Go Poles!!

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