The Chamber Questions

I’m not complaining, I’m loving the Chamber, but I’m possibly too stupid to understand some things. So here are a couple of questions I wanted to see if anyone else has or could answer.

  1. Am I the only one that has no idea which comment a reply refers to? I know the difference when I’m the one replying, but even after my reply is posted I can’t seem to figure out which comment I replied to, let alone someone else’s reply.

  2. Is there an app that is able to tap into the chamber? The only reason I want this is for notifications. It’s WAY easier to stay engaged when I get alerted to replies, etc. Just curious if this is something worth looking into.

  1. Using desktop mode makes it clearer. Mobile view definitely doesn’t show replies very well.

  2. If you download the Discourse app, I believe you can connect it to your account on here to get notifications.

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I’ll give discourse a try. Thanks!

Can confirm that using the DiscourseHub app is a great way to “appify” this great forum. Notifications are paramount for my personal engagement. Thank you for the suggestion!

I also struggle mapping replies to the original comment.

Does anybody have strong feelings here on including or suppressing our articles in the latest comments portion of The Chamber? Here’s what both versions look like …

I think it looks much cleaner to suppress them and I’m not sure that any benefit you’ll get (from a clicks perspective) outweigh the look and feel (and the importance of look and feel can’t be understated. Source: A portion of my job is a UX manager). That said, I don’t feel strongly about it.


Look and feel, regarding the amount of “clutter”… to clarify.

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I would prefer the default option on threads to be the “latest” comments instead of categories. My 2 cents…


Is there a way to have the old format where all of the threads are on one page?

How do we get rid of ads seeing as we are paying customers?

You’re seeing ads?

They come and go, almost like the script checking to see if I am a subscriber or not takes a moment to remove the ad. Picture attached and only occurs in forum.

I’ll check with our developer on this.

No worries, it isn’t constant and goes away on it’s own in about 5 - 15 seconds (if I had to guess). It does reappear when refreshing the page or going to another thread in the forum, but follows the same behavior described in the first sentence.

Phone only or desktop? I’m not getting it all on desktop.

Phone only (android).

Is PFB supposed to be as free for plus members?

Not sure I understand this?

Ad free* typo there. Wondering if the blog site should be ad free for members?

Edit: by this, I mean I am confused by the PFB+ offerings descriptions where it says “ad free experience” should that be for the Chamber site only or does also include the PFB blog site and the fact I am seeing ads there means I have it set up incorrectly. Hope this is clearer

Edit 2: terrible run on sentence but alas