The Closer: Boynton Making Habit of Getting Big Wins Late in Seasons

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Boynton is 11-6 in the final five games of each season.

The ft deal is funny. Two things.
One could he do worse and law of average going to kick in
Two what was he shooting in high school. Its lonely being a freshman out there on the line.
Big wins and big leads lost.

The reason his approval rating is high despite not a real good record and not making the turny is because he shows us how important recruiting is to him on videos and shows us he really cares about beating our rival by what he says and that’s it, that’s all it is.


Ur funny. I was talking about free throws. And the kid that can’t shoot them.
But make it about gundy.
Look I like boynton. Yes he got cade. And cade helped get the others.
U must have got a real chubby after that ou win. Calling for natty and make boynton a statue.
Well cade will be gone next ur. Boynton will need to coach the team. Maybe walker will step up and be the next cade. But little has changed on this team except he has cade.

I was referring to the actual article Robert not you

Read the first paragraph in the article

Can’t you just be happy that he recruited well and he’s beating ranked teams? Dude has probably beat more ranked teams this season than Gundy has in his entire career. Robert’s just mad because Boynton might finish higher in the Big 12 than Gundy did this season. Of course, that’s what happens when you actually care to recruit the best you can and put an emphasis on beating your rival.

For one thing he has to grow more as a coach. I am happy he is having A good year. But he hasn’t walked on water.
His player development hasn’t shown up.
The 3 seniors last year showed no growth a couple got worse. Ice came in as future pro be lucky to start next year.
Has never once slow them down they play out of control.
I can’t go on.
So yes he is going dancing this year. Will he need to get the number 1 for next dance

He hates to admit that his dad sucks

I won’t say that to Joe. U two will get confused who is daddy. U two will end up in a circle

But a coach that has one conference title to his name in 16 years and can’t ever beat his rival gets to walk on water?

Kind of like how Sanders has been on campus three years and Gundy (a former QB) can’t develop his QB?

Sanders has shown if gundy dumbs down the play enough he can be a good qb. We will help Sanders out with a better line. So yes a coach has developed his player. gundy has shown he can put his players in the best situation possible.
Boynton real does run a real offense set so its very easy to get lost.
Look cry about gundy thats fine and make excuses for Boynton. But don’t come to me acting like u know something. All u do is look at who signed and how many stars. Then u look at place team finished. But evaluating actually whats going on u wouldn’t know if saban and coach k held ur hand throw a game.

It tells me that Gundy isn’t doing his job then. Blame Sanders but don’t hold Gundy accountable for anything. I can say I’m not surprised by your answer.

Ha!!! From the dude that pins everything on Sanders but never questions what Gundy’s involvement is to make his QB AND OFFENSE more effective for the QB he wants to start from this moment on.

First of all it’s “through” and second of all Saban and Coach K know how to win championships consistently. They don’t have to hope that the opposing coach makes multiple mistakes so their team can win and save themselves some kind of embarrassment.

I said u couldn’t learn about sports even if u had great coaches holding ut hand.
The part is ur making excuses for boynton. Gundy works with what he has. Another year better line who know Sanders mite become it. Just like next year boyton will grow into a better coach.

Kind of like how Boynton recruited well and is working with what he has now. You complain about him not having a big man. Well there is a reason he’s going after one of the top centers in high school basketball that just decommitted from Michigan State. See at least Boynton is trying his best to go after something you’ve been complaining about. He knows he needs wins and needs to please a fan base.

The other coach tells fans he doesn’t care about what they think. He continues to recruit mediocre like he has the past 10 years. He dictates to the AD what he gets to do. He also never beats his rival.

So wouldn’t it be fair to say that based on each coaches recruiting efforts and attitude towards each game that Boynton is working with what he has as well?

I can see ur getting tired. Its all get blah blah.
Going after and getting a recurit is two different things.
We dnt even know if we got a scholarship for next year.
Have u ever thought u may love gundy. I have only had ex girlfriend hate me like u hate gundy.
Its one thing to call a bad play. But ur going after a guy who has done the same or better job then u have ever seen at osu. I know bring up bedlam.
This statement is not for u to reply too just take ur meds dude