The Coronavirus is a Serious Threat to the 2020 Football Season

“You’re acting like this thing is going to last for years, and there’s no proof of that”

The entire media is wrong …umm …how do you know how someone is “acting” from a text? I’m as calm as calm can be. #'s typically dont lie …but your completely ‘impressionable opinion’ is ‘spot on’ …wow…very impressive!

My point is this: People need to calm down. This isn’t as bad as the media is making it out to be.

Regardless of which media you follow, they are all basically saying the same thing…“we have a problem that needs swift action because this virus is UNIQUE/UNLIKE anything else that has been encounter before” …yet, you want to compare it to something in the PAST that is not even in the same galaxy as what’s presently co fronting the world …ummm… interesting perspective …