The Elite Company Jim Knowles Would Join as a Broyles Award Winner

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Knowles could join elite company this season.

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But he let a Heisman winning QB at OU walk 99 yards down the field 3 years ago how could he be in contention for this? Right Roberto?

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We don’t need high quality assistant coaches (even though they’ve given us some of our best seasons in school history).

If they want more money you should just let them walk. Keep the one guy that tells you being average is better than trying to be a champion. That’s what it’s all about!!!

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If Knowles isn’t a finalist than the award is a joke. The numbers our D is putting up while having an O that’s been average at best should make him a shoo in for me.

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Could TCU be watching Knowles as a potential “live” job interview this weekend?

What are u talk about logan. I didn’t know u gave rattler a heisman.

Murray was a Heisman winner Roberto.

It did that in 2018 and last year.

I know some are like Joey and don’t know where to whip after a # 2.
Some of u have to be smart enough to know between super seniors and the worse year of quarterbacks in big12, we have a great defense.
Sure bump him up a lil of money if he can repeat with all his players with out super seniors give him more then.

Logan u never made attempt to say how we would be without some super seniors. Just explain how good we would be without the 2 lb

Of course this goes back to Jeff saying 90% hate gundy. U got guys staying 6 years to play for gundy. Maybe some for 7.

If he does leave I don’t want him in this conference. I’ve already watched enough coaches in this conference get the best of Gundy.

So if Knowles leaves and a bunch of players on offense stay, and we end up 6-6 next season. Is that going to be Knowles fault?

In 11 years as a DC Knowles has had 1 year below 377 yards. That year was still 60 more then this year.
So ur saying that in Knowles 12th year his scheme final became this shut down defense.
Last year we were rolling the hit the better offense.
Both tech and oklahoma put up over 430 yards of off.
Morris had more the 550 yards on a nice Baylor d.

But it still goes back to if we didn’t have the two super senior lb what would this defense look like.
I can see him running off next year he knows the defense will be not as good as this year.
U want to pay him for a defense like this year. But from here on out it’ll be more like last years. Which was a good defense but not like this year.

Everybody has super seniors not just us so it’s still balance between all teams. He’s kicking tail. You don’t remember how good dukes defense was with him? He kicked tail there too. This is not a Maroge or a year of super seniors. Yes our numbers are probably better because of them but you give this man the same players that everybody else has he would have a top defense. Give him the keys to Stillwater!!

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Question is why isn’t everybody else in the top 5 defensively in the country when everybody has super seniors?

Go look up how many other teams have.
It’s not just super seniors we have a large number of 4th and 5th year players
Where would this defense be without the two lb.

yeah, I think my biggest fear now is that a big name school will snap him up as their new DC or HC - like Ohio State did with Yurcich. Not sure OSU will be able or willing to match what they’d offer, as much as I hope they do. An elite defense attracts top talent and could keep OSU in the Big 12 and CFP hunt for a long time.

What would we do without Trey sterling and Peel? Find a way to be good.:man_shrugging:

I agree.

Dude ur missing the point. The lb are both super seniors. And we did live with out sterling

Against OU we threw an interception deep in our own territory. The OSU offense had 12 offensive possessions. Now of those 12 offensive possessions we had 9 punts, 1 touchdown, and 2 field goals. OU also had 35 minutes on time of possession.

You cannot move the ball against OU at all offensively and expect the defense to hold them to two scores or less on 12 OU offensive possessions.

Tech had 15 offensive possessions and the OSU defense was able to force three turnovers. The difference here is the OSU offense also handed it over to Tech three times.

Now of those 15 offensive possessions by Tech the OSU defense either forced a turnover or punt on 9 of them. I wonder if those numbers for the defense would’ve been better had our offense not gave it back to Tech three times? (By the way, Sterling had a pick 6 in that game)

So while you sit here and blame the 2020 defense for all those yards given up. You might want to pitch some of that criticism over to the unmovable Gundy and Dunn led 2020 offense as well.