The Glitch Support Thread

Take this as a grain of salt because I know @marshall is working on this.

But what ads are you getting targeted with? I’m getting a lot of Yeti ones.

Ads aren’t the issue for me. I’m having trouble with the threads scrolling up and down when they shouldn’t.


This is happening to me as well.

Just a wine ad - has my wife been on my phone? :thinking:

That’s my issue. Threads randomly jumping up and down, responses going to the wrong person.


I just got a Bowling Green State University one? How does it know that I loved using Omar Jacobs in NCAA 06?

@JonHodge is getting a lot of porn ones.


Glitch, please


I’m getting 7 minute morning chair workouts. Is PFB calling me fat? :sob:


Mine is just buggy and won’t load sometimes. I will have to pay attention to the ads lol

@marshall FYI, this is the first time in several days I’ve been on the site on PC. No ads on PC (unlike iphone), but it is a bit buggy on PC.

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Feedback is much appreciated, everyone. We’re working on it, but code is tricky stuff. Hopefully we have it fixed in the next few days


No blood, no foul. Keep up the great work, @marshall


It spoke to Pepperidge Farms, who remembers.


Same for me, plus there is no comment thread for me on any new articles. Start to comment when I can and it jumps to another article. ?

On PC with no issues at all like @JimD

On android when I first launch the app it acts all crazy and has ads everywhere. On pc I haven’t had issue

On pc, no issues. On iPad, it jumps all over the place. On iPhone, I’m now getting ads.

I have to log back in and the ads go away. Or they have been.

I can’t log in via the website on a computer. Good thing I’m logged into the phone. @marshall

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What happens when you try to log in?