The Madness

Hyped about this game

CC just scored 18 in the 1st quarter

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Then went ice cold. SC gonna win this game by 10+.

Lol CC just folded like a cheap chair.

I wish I was good enough to go off for 21 on 66% 3pt shooting in the first half of the national championship and people think that’s me folding like a cheap lawn chair.


She scored 18 in the 1st then forgot how to play basketball.

I mean If we expected her to keep that up and score 72 points on 90% shooting in the title game that’s kinda on us.


I mean, she hasn’t scored in the 3rd and only had the 1 3 right before half.

I’ve seen multiple looks she’s given her teammates that they blew


Iowa on a run here

Happens again

SC on a run. CC just doesn’t have the talent around her. Once teams clamp down that’s game over.

Game over. South Carolina is so dominant

Dang, just too much size. Cardosa is a menace. Reminds me of Kalib Boone trying to guard the bigs from Kansas :joy:

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I love Dawn Staley man.

Dawn Staley’s an absolute menace. How many other people (women’s or men’s) have made the transition from legendary player to legendary coach the way she has? Feels like she might be #1 on that list.

UConn by 20

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Her resume as a college, pro, and olympics player, now as a coach is pretty stout.

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I’ll dial it back a tad and say UConn by 6