The Most Berry Tramel Article Ever

He wants to bring back ties. And he makes a compelling case!

Ties would make coaches more aggressive, hence adding to the drama. For decades, the most exciting play in sport was a 2-point conversion attempt in the final minute of a one-point game. Do or die. Make three yards or lose the game. Get a stop or lose the game. Bedlam 1966. OU-Missouri 1975. Nebraska-Miami 1983. Some of our most memorable games were stamped by last-minute 2-point plays.

What about Bedlam 2018?

I am all here for Dana Holgorsen wearing a tie on the sideline (can you imagine?!). But do NOT scrap overtime and bring back more of the other kind of tie. Refine OT, maybe. But college football’s OT is better than the NFL’s OT.


The way I see ties is this: we all are pretty familiar with how much American fans HATE ties in soccer and hockey. Now, take that level of hatred and amplify it by the OTT-level insanity that, let’s be fair, a majority of collegiate football fans have. There would be bloodbaths. Hard, hard pass.


I read the article and I still don’t understand Berry’s theory. Can someone explain it in layman’s terms?

“Coaches have lost their mojo. Give them a chance to tie, and that’s what they play to do.” Why are ties so good?

Anyone remember Colorado homecoming in 1983? No thank you. I’ll take OT anytime over that empty feeling.