The No. 1 Player in Every Oklahoma State Recruiting Class

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Some surprises and some throwbacks on this list.

Only three of the top 10 recruits in our history ever actually did anything for us. Gundy recruits for quality…not prestige.

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I think my biggest gripe is that through one reason or another, there doesn’t necessarily seem to be a snowball effect from sustained success translating to landing better athletes and #dudes. I think that’s the biggest differentiation between what Oregon did under Kelly and what Clemson is doing now with Dabo. Obviously some of that is assistants and some is Gundy, but as long as recruiting appears to not be one of the core “corporate” focuses driven from the “CEO”, than there never will be improvement.

I had the exact thought that was presented in the article. Gundy was burned by so many top guys he prioritized “culture” guys over stars. I can’t say I blame him. He’s done well finding guys and developing them. Maybe we should trust his judgment since the only other option is getting those star studded guys in bunches and the only teams that have success doing that consistently is blue bloods (sans clemson).

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This just proves football recruiting is a total crap shoot once you get past the top 100-150 guys.

It’s why I’ll never understand why people take the rankings as the absolute truth. There’s no evidence to support them being accurate.

Porter also vaguely tries to make the argument that Gundy’s first classes were more talented than recent years. That’s absolutely laughable if you actually watch games with your own eye balls. Gundy’s teams now are vastly more talented top to bottom than his early years.

Enjoying you trying to argue theories over data after hollering at everybody else for doing the same. A delight. I know what the numbers say, but this is what I’m seeing …


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No, I think what this does do is prove that yes, there is extreme volatility with recruits being able to pan out, no matter WHAT they are ranked. So when you only get a couple of 4 stars a year, and they don’t pan out, you get burned. It’s all a numbers game. Guess what? Many 3 stars don’t pan out either.

So which would you rather have? A bunch of 4 stars on your team or 3 stars once attrition comes for both groups? After the fallout of panning/not panning out, which would you have rather started with?

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Gundy is as lazy recruiting assistants as he is at dogging the best player prospects. Last year Lincoln Riley had an OU defense rated “101st in Total D”. In 2019, with virtually the same personnel, strategic hire, Alex Grinch, has improved Riley’s “Total D” to #26 nationally. Meanwhile, Gundy tirelessly works to hire a guy from Bum F*ck nowhere to get a DC which has in 2 years taken OkState “Total D” from 71st to 86th in FBS. But hey, you’ll have to blast him outa here with dynamite and Gundy will not have to make a change for years. Change is Strange.

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What about RW? Parade All-American