The Pull of Cade Cunningham is Very Real, and it's Spectacular

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Everyone wants to join Cade’s orbit. It’s an appeal OSU is taking advantage of.

Is there any chance, or hope, that Cade might stay and play 2 years?

When you would be the No 1 pick, not a chance

Coach needs to free up another scholarship by telling a definite projected bench sitter that there is no chance he will have an opportunity to play so it might be in his best interest to transfer as soon as possible to a smaller school. I would this this might happen without the coach having to mention the situation to someone if he looks around at what is happening. Demuth comes to mind immediately. There’s no glory sitting on the bench when you could be part of a lineup elsewhere.

Thought demuth is already gone but Roessink would be an someone who is gonna be a bench sitter so we could find a big to play the 4 spot like Thor was supposed to.

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Demuth has been gone

Where did Demuth go?
Who does that leave who is not good enough to play?


Thanks for the reply. Now I do remember that. Perfect fit for him and I hope he gets plenty of playing time. The Green Mountains are much more scenic than Stillwater. The people, however,
are not so friendly that far north. I used to live in New Hampshire.

We need another shooter and someone who can get his own shot up and o yea someone who can make a free throw lol. Need to get a transfer and send someone home. Call me crazy but I think Avery Anderson should start and ice come off the bench. If ice can’t get to the rim with his very average speed he is shut down. Also he can’t shoot free throws at all.

Roessink maybe