The Reason Mike Holder and Oklahoma State are So Angry at the NCAA

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This is why you should be very, very angry at the NCAA.

Nice job, does a good job laying out the facts as the NCAA sees it, and show how ridiculous the outcome is.

Typical NCAA response. Penalize the ones that were not involved because the transgressors are not there. Kind of like shooting a field goal attempt only for it to be an air ball but still counting the points. Waiting patiently for ‘Bulldog’ Mike Holder to unleash both barrels in the appeal. How does this penalty/situation compare to other institutions with a single Level 1 violation. Sounds like the NCAA is trying to make an example and we are the sacrifical lamb.

Straight forward analysis of statements followed by the facts. This article is really well done.

Go through the proper channels to fight this, and if that doesn’t work, a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the NCAA. This Hs the potential to ruin Oklahoma State basketball )like SMU football).

My big question is why was OSU first time get penalties, and the obvious wait and see when it comes to the other schools.

It amazes me we get this, but Miami football gets nothing when their players admitted to getting paid. Now that’s an advantage.

Also, what Evans did was wrong, but is it much different than the head coaches getting kick backs for wearing a Nike or adidas logo?

Another thing: If I read the report correctly, then OSU is also being penalized because Lamont Evans didn’t cooperate with the NCAA investigation AFTER he was fired by OSU.
If that’s the case, then why in the hell is it OSU’s fault?

There is a clear precedent with the NCAA that they penalize the schools that cooperate much harder than the schools that deny, do not cooperate, and fight the allegations. It does no good to self report or admit your mistakes or those in your employ (see Missouri). The lighter sanctions always go to the schools that fight the allegations to the end (see UNC).

Possible reason Kansas will not get dinged like you Cowboys is your Coaches accepted the money. In our case, the families of the players accepted the money WITHOUT the knowledge of Our Coaches. Y’all have a good season thinking about where your COACHES put you. Rock Chalk

Our COACHES didn’t put us anywhere. One rouge assistant did it for his own personal gain. I hope Kansas gets exactly what they deserve. Go pound sand sweetie.

Only thing I think you may be overlooking is the first line of that Level-I definition.

“Violations that seriously undermine or threaten the integrity of the NCAA collegiate model…”

Undermine the integrity of the NCAA’s model. Evans did that. Any illicit funding, no matter the recipient, that doesn’t end up in NCAA pockets undermines the integrity of the NCAA’s model.